In Stock Market Knowledge Zone You will Learn All Aspects of Share Market with the View of Psychology. Stock Market is Nothing But its Behavior of Buyer and Sellers (Psychology of Traders). So Here You Will Understand A to Z about Psychology of Stock Market.

Bazzar Bites is Initiative of Sunil Minglani (Human Psychology Expert), He Will Talk about this Psychological Matters of Share Market.

To Be Master in Stock Market. Just Watch All Episode One By One without Skipping the Video. If You already Know about it then also Don't Miss any Episode.

1. Understand Concept of Short Term and Long Term Investment

2. Paper Trading VS Actual Trading

3. Real Psychology Behind Technical Analysis

4. Why Technical Analysts Keep Changing Their Views about Market

5. Psychology of Greed and Fear

6. How to Select Stocks for Trading and Investment

7. Smart Exit Strategy for Trading

8. My Stocks are Always Under Performed.. Why ?

9. No Bull Side, No Bear Side, Only Right Side

10. No Loss in Profit Booking

11. Darr Khatam, Khel Khatam !

12. Myth Behind Intraday Trading

13. "Bali ka Bakra !"

14. How to Make Loss !

15. My Stoploss (SL) Always Hits...Why?

16. How to Find MultiBagger Stocks ?

17. How to Diversify Your Portfolio ?

18. Why Intraday Trading is So Difficult ?

19. Jio Impact on Telecom Sector

20. Liquor Ban: Reality and Impact

21. This Time is Different

22. Why Closing Price is More Important ?

23. Can Trading Generate Regular Monthly income?

24. Biggest Pain of Stock Market

25. How to Identify Top and Bottom of a Stock ?

26. Has The New Bull Market Started ? (Part-1)

27. Has The New Bull Market Started ? (Part-2)

28. How to Handle a Trading Position ?

29. Difference Between Downtrend and Correction !

30. Unique Idea for Intraday Trading

31. Bottom Fishing is Good or Bad ?

32. How to Watch T.V. (CNBC Bazaar, Zee Business)

33. How to Trade Derivatives ? (F&O,MCX)

34. How to Select Stocks for Intraday Trading ?

35. Option Trading ki ABCD

36. Is Technical Analysis Enough for Trading ?

37. What is Discipline in Stock Market ?

38. Nine Golden Rules for Intraday Trading

39. Realities Behind Mutual Fund (MF) Investments (Part-1)

40. Seven Unique Rules For Master Traders

41. How to Analyse Charts: Part -1

42. How to Analyse Charts: Part-2

43. Paisa Banega Dhyan se, Naa ki Zyada Gyan se

44. Price is God

45. What is Hedging ?

46. How to Understand Volumes ?

47. Weakness of Traders

48. is Big Investor Earn Money All Times ?

49. Real Difference Between Trader and Investor

50. Jackpot Pattern

51. How to Put StopLoss on Long Term Investment

52. How to Understand Open Interest

53. Market VS Nature

54. Stock Market Could Be Your Rich Dad

55. Paiso Ka Khel Kese Khele ?

56. Realities of Trading Tips

57. Realities Behind Mutual Fund Investment (Part2)

58. How to Enter in Stock Market For Beginners

59. Reality of Nifty and Bank Nifty

60. Are You Getting Bored by Holding Stocks Long?

61. Should I Follow FII, DII or Big Investors ?

62. Bade Paise ki Badi Baat

63. Maths of Wrong or Right

64. Justice of Market

65. Talk about Business

66. My Favorite Indicator

67. Khel Bina Jeet Nahi, Tike Bina Khel Nahi !

68. Chhote Kadam, Badi Chal