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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

About DalalStock®

DalalStock® is Surat, Gujarat Based Best Stock Tips Provider in India. We are Serving since 2008 in Various field of Stock Market. We are Giving Stock Tips in Equity Cash, Stock Future, Stock Options and Commodity Segments.

Why DalalStock® is Not Doing any Advertising for Promote his Business ?

Yes Thats True that DalalStock® Not Doing Any Advertising for Promote his Business. Because we have lots of Clients. and Now we are Totally focus on Quality, not in Quantity. we are also not doing any Marketing calls for promote our business. you will never receive a single Marketing call from our side. So Beware of other advisories which are using our name to grow their business.

Dalalstocks.com is DalalStock® (Dalalstock.in) Branch or Franchise?

No !, There is No Relation Between DalalStocks.com and DalalStock.in. So Beware of this and just do a cross verify before making payment. We are Accepting Payment only through this URL : https://www.instamojo.com/dalalstock

Can i Open Demat or Trading Account with You?

We are Not Offer Demat or Trading Account with our side. we have tie up with some Valuable Brokerage House They will offer you demat and trading account. we are just forward your inquiry to them.

is DalalStock® SEBI Registered?

Yes !

What is Waiting List Number?

Don't Worry, There is No Importance of Waiting list Now. Sometimes Ago if you want to join our services then waiting list number is required for join. Waiting List Number is Required before because there was lots of traffic for new joining and we're not able to handle all this stuff. You are Lucky that now a days you have not to do 2 or 3 month waiting for joining because we are now upgraded with new technologies.

Why you stopped to giving Free Tips on Website?

We Stopped Giving Free Stock Tips on Website because 90% People use it for Trading Purpose, Not for Research Purpose.

Where can i find Historical Past Performance of Your Paid Services?

Sorry We are not Believe in Historical Past Performance, Because 99% Stock Advisories shows You Manipulated Past Performance. There is No Sense to take decision through observing past performance. So here we decided to Post Daily Live Performance on Our Website, So that you can get clear idea about our performance. You can Visit our website daily and check our daily Stock Tips performance.

What if i found manipulated action in your daily Stock Tips performance Update?

If Anyone Prove that we posted any manipulated stock tips performance then that person will be rewarded with Good Prize. and You can also Sue for this.

at What time you post Your Daily Performance on Your Website?

Time is Not Fixed, its Depends upon Communications between Research Analyst and Web Developer. and Web Developer's Work Load.

How Many calls (Stock Tips) are given Per Day?

As Per Our New Structured:: (Starting from 12/12/2016) ::
Equity Intraday - 1 to 5 Tips Daily
Equity Positional - 1 to 3 Calls Per Week
Stock Future - 1 or 3 Tips Daily
Stock Options - 1 to 2 Tips Daily
Commodity - 1 to 4 Tips Daily

Stock Tips Delivery Platform

We are Giving Stock Tips Through Whatsapp and SMS now a days. and We are Preffered and Recommended Whatsapp for Fast Delivery. Sometimes SMS Server Jam so You will get late SMS, So We don't Preffered to Deliver Stock Tips through SMS. But you can opt in for SMS if you have not any other choice.

What is Your Accuracy Level ?

We are not Give 100% Accuracy, Because we are not God.
But its almost sure that you will not loss your hard working money (capital).
Nobody can give Guaranteed Tips in Stock Market. we are just trying to minimixe your loss and Maximise Your Profit by our expertise

How Much Profit i can earn through Your Services?

Hahaha This is So Funny Question asked by lots of People.
Friends, There is No Minimum Level of Profit or Maximum Level of Profit. because after all it stock market you know. and How much you can earn is also depends upon Your Capital (Money)
In The Stock Market Your Capital will be double in one Week also, This Miracles happens manytimes in DalalStock®

What is Your Subscription Charges and How to Join Your Services ?

You can find our all Plan Details and also can Join our services from this URL:

Just Choose your Suitable plan and Make Payment from there.

What type of support you will provide?

if You received Stock Tips through Whatsapp then You can Ask Your Trading Related Questions and Confussion there. But Note that message allowed for only emergency problem, not for gupsup or chatting. There is No Calling Support because its impossible for us. if we recruit 10000 People for calling support then also its not possible to handle all

if i am making payment today then when my service will start and expire?

Your Services will Start Immediately after successfull payment, there is no more waiting list system. if you made payment before 9am then starting on same day. if made payment after 9 am then starting on next trading day.
Suppose Today is 09/12/2016 (Friday). and You want to Join our Services.
in this Case Your Service is Start from Monday 12/Dec/2016 and Your Service will Expire on 11/Jan/2017
In Short if You made payment on friday, saturday and sunday then also your service start from monday or Next Trading Day

is there any Pre-Market Calls are Given?

Yes Pre-Market calls are given but not daily. Its Sometimes given. its may be happen that not given in whole month.

I Was Registered for Free Trial but Not Received any Share Tips

There is 3 Reason Behind it.
1. Your Free Trial is Not Activated (Its takes 1 to 3 Days to activate it)
2. Free Trial is Activated but Your Registered Mobile Number is not on Whatsapp (We Provide Free Trial only on Whatsapp)
3. You Provide Whatsapp Number but Not Save Given Number Properly.(After Activate Your free trial we are doing message on whatsapp and tell you to save particular number. Because Stock tips are given through Whatsapp Broadcast message)
If you full fill above 3 criteria and still not got free trial then call our customer care.

One Advice from our side

Please Don't Judge our Accuracy on Daily Basis. Because Nobody can Provide daily Profitable calls. Just Calculate Your Montly Account, We are Sure You are in Handsome Profit