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First Earn then Pay Stock Tips

First Earn Then Pay Stock Tips Module

This Offer Expired, Don't Subscibe for This Module Now

First Time In India DalalStock® Launched "First Earn then Pay Module" in Stock Market Advisory on This Holi 2017. Now Nothing to Worry, Just Register for This Module and Follow Our Stock Advice. Earn Profit and then Pay us on Daily Basis. We are Not Profit Sharing Advisory or we are not giving Profit sharing Intraday Tips. Don't Worry You will Understand all things clearly, Just Read Carefully all details.

DalalStock® Earn and Pay Module Explanation:-

You know that if you want to Subscribe for any Stock Advice Services (Stock Advisory Services) then you Must Pay their Fees or Charges on Advance or First then after you are able to receive stock tips on Your Mobile through SMS or Whatsapp.

first earn then pay stock tips

But Now DalalStock® Launched Earn and Pay Module in India to give consistent profit to Traders without Disturbing their Capital. Its Unique in their own way. Now You are not Need to worry about any Advance Fees, Charges or Deposit. Just Register for this Module with 100 Rs > Fill up Subscription Form > Trade on Our Stock Tips > Earn Profit and > Pay us Daily Basis

How to Join This Module ?

Here we are trying to Explain you Step by Step Guidance for Joining this Module

  1. First of All You Need to Register for this Module by Paying Just 100/- Rs (this charge is Administration and Agreement Charge)
  2. After Making Payment Just Fill up KYC Form (Subscription Form or Agreement)
  3. You will Receive Activation Message on Your Mobile, same day when You make Payment
  4. After Activation You will Receive Stock Advice on Next Trading Session
  5. You will Receive Stock Advice through Whatsapp Only (You Must Have Whatsapp Enable Mobile)
  6. You Receive Stock Tips and You did Trade as per our Given Calls (Stock Tips)
  7. You Earned Profit and Pay us Daily basis till Our Standard Subscription Charge Fulfilled
  8. It's Daily Basis Payment, If you earn Today 3000/- Rs then You need to pay us 100% of Your Profit. and Same routine will Continue till our Standard Subscription Charges will Paid up Fully. (if you didn't understand this point then don't worry, this point is detail explained ahead)
  9. When Our Subscription Charges will Paid Fully by you then You are now our Client and you will receive stock tips daily till your subscription period. Now You don't Required to pay us from your profit. All profit is Yours.

Who can Join this Module ?

Any Intraday Traders can Join this Module who are able to fulfill below criteria

  • Your Age Must be 18+
  • If You are Intraday Trader then You Can Join, Delivery Based or Positional Traders can't Join This Module
  • You Must Have Minimum 50,000/- Rs Capital for Trade in Equity Intraday or Stock Option or Commodity. and Minimum 1,00,000/- Rs Capital Required for Stock Future Trading.
  • Note: If your Capital is Below above criteria then Special Approval Required, For Approval Just Email on "Sales@dalalstock.in" with subject line "Earn and Pay Module Approval"
  • You can opt in for any one segment from Equity Intraday Tips, Stock Future Tips, Stock Options Tips, Commodity Tips.

How it Works ?

Here we are trying to Explain You with Example, Just Read Carefully to Understand this Module

  • Suppose Mr. Vijay Want to Join this Module, Mr. Vijay is intraday Trader and Trade in Equity Everyday. Equity Intraday Tips Standard Subscription Charge is 10,000/- Rs for 1 Month. So he decide to Pay this Subscription charges through Earn and Pay Module
  • So First of all he Register himself by Paying 100 Rs Registration fees and fill up KYC Form (Agreement)
  • He also Get Confirmation Message from DalalStock for Joining of This Module on Same day of payment
  • First Day:
  • He Receive Stock Tips from Dalal Stock and Traded as per given call
  • He Earned 5,000/- Rs on First Day from Given Stock Tips by Dalal Stock
  • He Pay 5,000/- Rs to Dalal Stock (100% of Profit) on First Day
  • Second Day:
  • He Receive Stock Recommendation on Second Day also and Doing Trade as per given call
  • He Earned 3,000/- Rs on Second Day from given Share Advice by Dalal Stock
  • He Pay 3,000/- Rs to Dalal Stock on Second Day (100% of Profit)
  • Third Day:
  • On Third Day as per same routine he receive stock tips on whatsapp and traded as per calls
  • He Earned 7,000/- Rs on Third Day by given stock tips of Dalal Stock
  • He Pay 2,000/- Rs to Dalal Stock on Third Day (Standard Subscription Charges fulfilled)
  • Fourth Day:
  • He Received His Client Code and Activation for 1 Month of Equity Intraday Tips
  • Now he will Receive Daily Stock Tips for 1 Month and he not required to pay anything, all Profit is Yours.

Just Note that Mr Vijay Pay only 2,000 On Third Day, Not 7,000 Rs. Because Standard Subscription Charges is 10,000 Rs per Month and he Already paid 8,000(5000+3000). now there is only 2,000 Rs Remaining to Pay to Dalal Stock. So He Pay Just 2,000 Rs and 5,000 Rs Profit will Go on Vijay's Pocket.

Now Mr. Vijay Successfully Subscribe to Equity Intraday Tips Package for 1 Month without Paying a Single penny from his Pocket and Without Disturbing his Own Capital. We Hope You Understand This Example Clearly.

What if I Made Loss Instead of Profit ?

This Question is Reasonable, Because this is after all Stock Market. and We are Not God. We Can't Provide you 100% Accurate Stock Tips, Nobody can provide. We are Just trying to Maximize your Profit and Minimize your Risk by using our Resources and Research Analyst and Investment Advisers Expertise. So Now we are going to Our Question "What if You made loss instead of Profit ?"

Here we are trying to explain same above example with some changes.

Summary of Above Example:

Mr. Vijay Join our Module. First Day he Earn 5K, Next Day he earn 3K, and third day he earn 7K. He also Pay Dalal Stock 5K on First Day, 3K on Second Day, and 2K on Third Day. and thus he successfully subscribe for 1 Month Equity Intraday Package.

  • Now Suppose Mr. Vijay Earn 5K on First Day, and on Second Day he made loss of 3000 instead of Profit. So what's Happened?
  • It's Very Easy if Mr. Vijay Loss on a Particular Day then he Not need to Pay anything to DalalStock, and His Loss also Settled against earned Profit. (don't understand ?, don't worry read ahead, you will understand soon)
  • Third Day:
  • He Earned 2,000 Rs on Third Day.
  • On Third Day also Mr. Vijay Not required to pay anything to dalal stock. Because Still his overall loss is 1000 Rs
  • Fourth Day:
  • He Earned 3500 Rs on Fourth Day
  • On Fourth Day He Required to Pay 2500 Rs
    ) to Dalal Stock, Not 3500 Rs.
  • Fifth Day:
  • He Earned 4000 Rs on Fifth Day
  • He Need to Pay 2500 Rs to Dalal Stock, Not 4000 Rs.
  • He Successfully Subscribe for 1 Month Equity Intraday package
  • Now He will Received Daily Intraday Calls and He not need to pay anything to dalalstock from his profit

Day  Earned Paying to Dalal Stock
First Day  5,000 Rs Profit 5,000 Rs
 Second Day -3,000 Rs Loss 0
 Third Day 2,000 Rs Profit 0
 Fourth Day 3,500 Rs Profit 2,500 Rs
 Firth Day 4,000 Rs 2,500 Rs
 Total 10,000 Rs

Hope You will get your all questions answer from above example

Note: You can avail Maximum 7 Days to Pay for your standard subscription charges, if you can't make enough profit from this 7 days then you need to pay from your pocket. Generally it's takes 1 or 2 days Only to earned standard subscription charges.

How we will Verify Your Profit?

For Transparent Transaction or to Avoid any Conflict You need to Send Daily your Earned profit or loss Screenshot to us on whatsapp. and Same Amount you need to pay us on Daily Basis. if you will not pay then next day you will not receive any calls and and Agreement (Law) also give us right to recover our share from you.

How Many calls will be given ?

How Many Calls is Depends upon Standard Subscriptions plan and also Depends upon Research

Days Calculatoin

Don't Worry, Your Subscription Period will start when you successfully subscribed for a particular packages.


Renewal will be done before 1 day of your Subscription Period expiry. and on the renewal total subscription charges need to pay in Advance. You can't resubscribe for this module on your renewal.

Still Confused ?

If you have any query regarding this Earn and Pay Module or Any unclear Point then feel free to contact us on

74359 74174
. Our Representative will Guide you step by step. We have also user specific customer care line so that you can talk with same representative who talked with you previously.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can Avail Maximum 7 Days to Pay for our Subscription charges, if you can't earned sufficient profit then you need to pay from your own capital.
  • You are Abide to pay your 100% Profit by Agreement (KYC Form)
  • Once you opt in this module then after you can't opt in for second time
  • If your Position is overall in loss then it's not our responsibility to pay or we are not abide to pay any loss cause by our stock tips (stock advice or Stock Recommendation or Calls)
  • Subject to Surat Jurisdiction
  • DalalStock® Disclaimer, Disclosure, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions automatically applied when you join this Earn and Pay Module.

If you have Any Query Regarding First Earn and Pay Stock Tips Module then You can Comment Below